Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Date

Well – we got a date for Bone graft. I’m not sure if I am relieved or..? Terrified maybe? We weren’t expecting Bone graft until the summer. And even then, the doctor had said we would be lucky if we got a date that soon.

But our date is March 23!!

Two months!!

We have started chatting with Lucas about it. WE have been making plans for what we can do to make it more pleasant for him. So far, h has said he wants Grandma to bring him a Bionicle, because that’s what she did for his last lip revision. He also wants to go stay with her for a week afterwards - which is also something he did last time.

We are considering having his birthday party early, since he will still be on restricted diet and activity when his actual birthday comes around which would be no fun.

We have talked about how horrible it was last time he went to the OR. He had a big cry about it and talked about how upsetting it was. I’m hoping more open dialogue like that over the next couple of months will make this surgery go more smoothly.
Fingers crossed.