Thursday, September 21, 2006

A New Start

Yesterday Coram had to get a new cast.

I took him to Children’s to have a follow up visit. They did an x-ray, and determined that his current cast was too loose. They said it’s quite common, and is a result of the swelling. His cast was tight when they cast it, but his arm was swollen. The swelling went down, and now the cast is too loose.

The x-ray also showed that there is more of a buckle to the break than we originally saw. The doctor said it might be from the angle of the x-ray, and it might have gotten worse since the first x-ray.

He explained to me that this was ‘acceptable angulation’. What this means is, in young kids, this amount of angle in the bone will heal itself. He said I will mould itself straight again within six months to a year. The same kind of angulation in an adult would not fix itself.

It was amazing watching Coram. He was calm through the x-ray, and calm while they sawed his old cast off. They had this contraption with a saw and a vacuum together, and it made a big buzzing sound. Lucas ran out of the room, and couldn’t watch. Coram just watched in interest. I’m not sure if even I could have been as calm as that with a saw going through my cast.

We thought the cast would be off for good next week, but the doctor said this new one has to be on for four weeks. So I’m of to make a new cast chart for us to mark off the days.