Monday, July 24, 2006

Hot Stuff

It’s hard to believe it’s the middle of July.

I mean – it is, and it isn’t.

It isn’t hard to believe in that it is sooooooo hot that none of us are getting any sleep and we fight over who gets to douse themselves with the hose first.

But it IS hard to believe in that I could swear it wasn’t that long ago I was making the final preparations for Christmas presents, and it was even less long ago I was looking at the end of the school year wondering what the summer would be like.

Well here is what the summer is like: it’s half over!

I have been working like a dog (well, actually like a normal person, but for me, it’s working like a dog.) The kids have been in a really cool summer camp that I am thrilled with. Steve keeps on keeping on. The cats are hot and shedding all their hair. We are all suffering from fleas I swear the dog upstairs brought into the house. After all, we have had cats for nine years and never a flea until the dog moved in upstairs. Grr.

I think August will go a bit more slowly, since I am not working full time, so I can enjoy the passing days. I hope to take the kids to Playland at one point. If I feel really ambitious, maybe even the waterslides. I want to have some good fun with them.

I know that September will be here before we know it. And then we all have to get serious again. We need to get into those habits of successful people – you know, nightly homework, early to bed early to rise, packing lunches and all that fun stuff. And though I find fall and the back to school routine exciting and full of promise, it always seems like the summer was over just when we were getting into the swing of it.

So – here’s hoping this year we get into the swing a bit sooner.