Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sunday Adventures

Sunday Am.

I have been working a lot this week because my co-worker had a death in the family. I am totally exhausted.

Steve worked at 5:30 am this morning.

I’m not entirely sure when the kids woke up. I was to dead to the world to hear it. They are old enough to be safe for an hour or so while I sleep. They are 7 and almost 6. I knew they would get up and play video games for a while.

9:20 am…I start to rise out of sleep and I hear someone say, ‘Check to make sure Mom is still asleep’.

Not good.

I get up and see Lucas with a pair of scissors. I asked him what he’s doing with them and he says he had opened the bag of Bits and Bites. They are sitting in front of the game system eating right from the bag.

Ok, there are rules about food in the living room, but it’s a relatively minor infraction. There are also rules about eating out of the bag, but it’s also minor. I remind them of the rules and I take away the bits and bites. No big deal.

While I am scooping up the bits and bites, I notice dark clumps all over the ground.. I am groggy with sleep and I can’t tell what they are so I ask Coram. ‘Hair.’ he says.

Very not good.

My eyes clear and I look at Lucas. He is wearing an impish grin and chuckling. And he is definitely missing a very large clump of hair from his bangs. And he thinks it’s fantastic.

‘Ok,’ I say, ‘ what else?’.

Coram tells me Lucas coloured all over him with permanent marker. Sigh. That happens a few times a week, actually. Then, I Iook for the marker and find it beside one of my teddy bears. With a new face and tie drawn on him. ‘I thought it would make him look happy!’ says Lucas, looking at me with puppy dog eyes.

What can I do? I am furious inside, but I feel that I can’t get too outwardly angry at Lucas. After all, it ws me who slept in, and I know full well what he can be like in the morning without his medicine.

I decide to sit down and journal it all. Here is where I get the final blow: There is permanent marker all over the keyboard. The NEW keyboard. Which, incidentally, had to be replaced because one morning Lucas decided to take all the keys off and put them back in alphabetical order. He thought he was being helpful. He destroyed all the springs in the process.

As I settle in to typing, Lucas says, ‘Aren’t you going to go back to sleep?’

Uh, No. I don’t think so.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

So is silence really golden?

When you have kids, you get used to a certain amount of noise.

When you have a child with ADD you get used to a LOT more noise.

When my son isn't talking, he's singing. When he's not singing, he's humming or just making random mouth noises to some melody that's only pleasant o him. Or playing at whining. He thinks it' funny to say 'WAAAAAAA' in the loudest whines voice he can. For no reason. Just to make noise.

On some occasions, we see another symptom of ADD: e hyper-focuses. What this means is that he gets interested in a task and no matte what we do we can't pull im way. Most of these times though, we don't try. Those hours when h is hyper-focused on art or on Lego are some o the only waking hours of quiet we get and we enjoy them. It's not like focusing on Lego is going to hurt him, after all.

But the hyper-focused silence can be deceptive. This morning he was right into colouring. It was amazing. A Sunday morning that was peaceful. He at sat the kitchen table and coloured and drew and coloured some more. His younger brother would drop in on him for small 10-15 minute colouring sessions, then go do his own thing. No arguing. No whining. No non-stop noise. I made a cup of tea and sat at the computer. I let my guard down for a bit. This is a golden moment, I thought.

Then into the living room came my creative wonderful quiet-for-a-time ADD son. But he didn't look like himself. In the 15 minutes that I had let myself enjoy the quiet, he had used his permanent markers to make himself look like Spider Man. The art was impressive, to give him credit. He had even taken is shirt off and drawn web lines all over his chest and the parts of is back he could reach.

We have tried three times today to wash it off. But it's looking like he's going to school decorated.

So today I learned that silence, in this household, may be golden, but it does NOT mean that an ADD child has miraculously gained the ability to control impulses and make good decisions.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Shhhh ... It's A Secret!

So I have a new profession.

But I really shouldn't say what it is.

It's a secret.

And no, before you decide to do a quick search on yorlocal porn erach engine for my new site...that's NOT it.

No. Now I am a...what shall we call it..Service Evaluation Specialist? Quality Inspections Consultant? Discreet Evaulations Engineer?

Oooh that last one sounds racey.

Oh stuff it. I'll just tell you.

I've been Mystery Shopping.

Yes it's true. It DOES exist. That girl on Oprah was only half lying. There's no way to ake $40 an hour for it, but you can get $10 and a free meal or bottle of hair shampoo or something.

Not to mention the ability to DO something about the snotty clerk the grocery store who never spoke he whole time you were there and wouldn't make eye contact. BUSTED baby! That's goin in the report!

O.....the power!

Well ok I'm getting carried away.

Actually, so far on the shops I am Shopping (note the capital 'S') I have had disapoiningly good customer service. I have not had the pleasure of sending scathing customer service reports in, knowing I would be bringing about the termination of the very employee who ruined my cappuccino (and thus, my day, my week and maybe my whole life). OOOOh but I lie in wait...and pity the sod who forgets o smile ad say 'Thank You' when I am Shopping their store...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Hmmm. I seem to have gone mad today. I have several Shops to do tomorrow so I' better get to sleep so I can be not-mad tomorrow.

Fingers Crossed.